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  • Ultra-Concentrated formula, with "CoZyme-10 Vitamin Complex", especially designed for areas of low density and advanced thin-looking hair. 
  • Keratin to boost your fragile hair by helping to protect against cuticle damage. 


  1. Use twice daily. 
  2. Apply Hair Booster to the hair from root to tip prior to applying Nioxin Scalp Treatment. 
  3. Distribute with fingertips on areas of advanced thin-looking hair and along the hairline. 
  4. Vitamin enriched formula gives temporary redness to skin after application.

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Customer Reviews

Review by godon
find that follicle booster pretty much does the same thing as rogaine does, but at less of a price. For people who think this product will magically make your hair grow, here is a reality check.

Follicle booster does not regrow hair! It does, however, stop your hair from falling out. So if you are like me who still has hair growing, but loses hair faster than it grows, this may help you have a fuller set of hair. But, if your hair is not longer growing at all, then you would just use it as a preventive measure.

My scalp only turned red the first time I used it. It was more of a burning feeling than a tingly one. Ever since, I have not had a problem. The application is a bit messy, because it is in a gel format. If your are not careful, it will run into your face. I suggest keeping a damp cloth nearby to wash off any of the follicle booster that may drop into your face or forehead.
(Posted on 10/3/2014)
Review by mwill48
I had tried smaller bottles of this before. It absolutely does what it is made to do -- BOOST the follicles of the hair. I had some thinning around the edges of my hairline and after about a month or so . . . POOF!!! It worked!! If skeptical, don't be . . . it absolutely does what it is created to do. I ordered the large size because there is not much product in the smaller bottles. The larger size gives you more for the money. Give it a try! (Posted on 6/16/2014)
Review by pat
I have used this for 3 years and am quite satisfied with it as it prevents falling hair and has helped new hair growth. (Posted on 6/8/2014)
Review by wfe
am a 31 year old female that is experiencing some noticeable thinning to my front hair line and gradual thinning on the top of my head. I have been using this follicle booster along with the Nioxin 3 part system AND vitamins religiously for 6 months now. The only thing that I can say that it's done to my hair is dry it out. I have not seen any significant results and I actually feel as though my hair has thinned more then before I even started this regimen. I would be very mindful when trying these products. Buy only the starter kit or the smallest bottle and assess whether or not you see any kind of improvement at all before shoveling more money into these products. This may work for some, and if so, that is fantastic! However, I would be cautious of reviews you find online as they can be written by anyone (i.e. those associated with the brand). If by miracle, this product starts to actually do what it is advertised to do all of a sudden, I will gladly come back to revise this post, but for now I give it 1 star.

EDIT: DO NOT USE THIS STUFF!!! After discontinuing use of this product, approximately a month later, everywhere I had applied the product has thinned to a degree that is far worse then when I had ever started using this stuff. Perhaps, like Minoxidil, your hair develops a dependency on such a product. You can literally see a uniform line of thinned hair along my hairline where I had applied this product. Really, really regret using this stuff; the result of use is far worse then what I started with. Don't make the same mistake. (Posted on 5/13/2014)
Review by Counselor at Law
I have been using Nioxin cleanser and conditioner for about 15 years. I have been very happy with those products. However my hair was slowly thinning and a larger than a quarter sized chunk was gone from the front, a thinning line down the middle and almost nothing on the very top the size of a three inch circle. I tried Costco's brand of Minoxidil for a few years with no change observed. One of Amazon's daily deals was Nioxin's Follicle Booster and I thought I might as well give it a shot. I just put a dab on and rub it over the thinning area at night before I go to bed. I noted thickening within a week. I have used up one bottle now. The missing hair on my hairline is now hardly noticeable and the thinning stripe is looks pretty regular now. The part on the top may to too far gone... but who knows? I am only heading into my second bottle. My order today of another bottle is my testimony that it is certainly worth the money to me.Nioxin Intensive Therapy Follicle Booster, 3.4-Ounce BottleNioxin Follicle Booster (1 oz)Nioxin Instensive Therapy Follicle Booster 3.4oz (2 PACK!)Nioxin Intensive Therapy Follicle Booster for All Hair TypesNioxin Follicle Booster 1 oz.Nioxin Follicle BoosterNioxin Follicle Booster 1oz (Posted on 5/8/2014)

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Nioxin Intensive Therapy Hair Booster

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Ultra-Concentrated formula, with "CoZyme-10 Vitamin Complex", especially designed for areas of low density and advanced thin-looking hair.
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